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It’s all over the news: the Health Minister has been forced to walk back Doug Ford’s recent commitment to tackle hospital overcrowding within a year. [1]

Every day, a thousand sick Ontarians are left waiting in hospital hallways for hours on end -- unsure when they’ll see a doctor. [2] Ford promised to end hallway medicine in one year, but there’s one problem -- his slash and burn budget means our hospitals are in crisis.

Funding has been decimated, nurses have been fired, and surge beds have been closed -- further aggravating the chaos in our hospitals. [3]

The Health Minister didn’t expect the hospital crisis to blow up -- but with Ford’s blunder making headlines across the province, it has. If we pile on the pressure now with a huge petition to the Minister at this crucial moment, it could be enough to force her to invest in desperately-needed hospital beds. Can you add your name?

Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier, Minister of Health:

Invest in more hospital beds, to tackle Ontario’s hallway medicine crisis and ensure sick patients are treated with the privacy, respect and dignity they deserve.

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