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While our government’s scrambling to help those most impacted by COVID-19, an Airbnb “super lobbyist” is begging Liberal ministers for a bailout. [1][2][3]

Airbnb makes a killing from taking rental units off the market. Contrary to its brand, most top Airbnb hosts are multi-million dollar corporations with multiple listings. They snap up homes that could otherwise be rented out to long-term tenants — causing rental prices to skyrocket and vacancy shortages in cities from Toronto to Vancouver.

Despite their net worth of $38 billion — Airbnb doesn’t even pay corporate taxes in Canada. [4] Now it’s unleashing a top lobbyist to chase financial supports and tax breaks that should be used to help families, workers, and people who are sick because of COVID-19.

Some Liberal MPs are already sounding the alarm. They know taxpayer dollars should be used to help those who need it most during a pandemic — not bail out a mega-corporation like Airbnb. [5]

A massive people-powered petition could show Minister Freeland and Finance Minister Bill Morneau they have the support to say no to an Airbnb bailout and help families, workers, and people who are sick instead. But the government is ready to announce a relief package for the tourism sector any day — so we need to act fast. [6Add your name to the petition now.

Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Minister Morneau:

During COVID-19, we're looking to your government to support families, workers, and people who are sick — not multi-billion dollar corporations. Say "no" to bailing out Airbnb.

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A relief package for businesses is coming any day now so we need to act fast.

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