Sign now: Stop the cuts to essential services during COVID-19

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Unless we act fast, local governments could be forced to make huge cuts — slashing vital programs like ambulance services, neighbourhood libraries, and critical climate programs. [1]

COVID-19 is sending costs through the roof while gutting revenues for local governments — and municipalities are not legally allowed to borrow money to run a deficit. Now right-wing politicians want to use the crisis as an excuse for devastating cuts to vital services.

If we’re going to stop the cuts, we need to drown out the right-wing politicians and convince the federal and provincial governments to step in with emergency funding.

But with critical municipal budget deadlines coming at the end of the month we need to act fast. Add your name to tell Prime Minister Trudeau and Canada’s premiers to save our public services now.


Prime Minister Trudeau, federal cabinet, and Canada’s premiers:

Local governments are headed towards a financial crisis because of COVID-19. Save our cities by:
- Expanding the federal wage subsidy to include local government immediately;
- Providing direct grants for operating costs;
- Increasing fiscal tools so that cities can raise more revenue going forward.

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