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Forty measly hospital beds -- that’s all the Health Minister had to offer as a solution to Ontario’s hospital overcrowding crisis yesterday. [1

When a parent carries their sick child into ER, they need to know they’ll get the care they desperately need. But every day, a thousand sick Ontarians are left waiting in cold, uncomfortable hospital hallways -- unsure when they’ll see a doctor. [2

The Conservatives promised to end “hallway medicine” -- and by slapping a bandaid on the crisis, the Health Minister hopes to convince Ontarians that she’s making headway -- but the hospital overcrowding nightmare has been all over the news this week. [3][4]

If we blow this up now -- and shine a light on the Minister’s pitiful attempt to fix our hospitals -- it could be enough to convince her to invest in more hospital beds. Will you chip in now to help us launch a hard-hitting ad campaign right in the Minister’s riding?

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