Send an urgent message to Trudeau and the premiers for rent relief before May 1st

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URGENT: Rent is due on Friday and talks between provincial and federal governments on rent relief are breaking down.

The most powerful thing we can do right now to make our voices heard and convince Prime Minister Trudeau and the premiers to help renters is flood them with personal messages from people all across the country. Please email Prime Minister Trudeau and Canada’s premiers, asking them to provide urgent rent relief.

Note: In the past, we’ve sometimes written draft emails for people like you to edit and send on to your local decision maker, so you can have your say at the click of a button. But right now, we believe the most powerful thing is for our governments to hear from local people with their own, personal messages. Whether long or short, they’re powerful. We've included some talking points below to get you started.

  • Explain in your own words why the issue is so important to you.
  • You could tell them why you think it’s important that nobody has to worry about not being able to pay their rent.
  • You could mention that some provinces, like BC, are already providing subsidies for renters.
  • If you have a personal story about yourself or someone you know who’d struggle to pay rent if they lose their job, that would go a long way too.
  • If you’re a landlord whose tenant is struggling, be sure to mention that.
  • You could tell the Prime Minister and the premiers you want them to work together to figure out a plan to help renters.

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We need to ramp up the pressure - rent is due soon.

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