Call the Liberal cabinet to stop Canada’s biggest tar sands mine!

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URGENT: Rumours are flying that the decision on the Teck mega-mine could come as early as today. Call now!

Liberal cabinet ministers are deciding whether or not to rubberstamp the Teck Frontier tar sands mine. If approved, it will release a carbon bomb of pollution into the air and make it impossible to meet our climate targets.

Media sources say cabinet is divided.[1][2] A massive show of public pressure right now could convince them to reject the mine -- will you take 2 minutes to call a cabinet minister and demand they reject Teck?
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  • We will call you back and connect you to one of the cabinet minister’s phone lines. You will likely get a staff member or a voicemail. You can say you have a message for the minister and to please pass it on.
  • If you voted Liberal, make sure you mention this!

Talking points
  • Hi, my name is XXX and I'm calling in relation to the Teck Frontier mine that’s currently being reviewed.
  • Please relay my message to the minister. I want cabinet to reject the Frontier mine, and invest in secure and sustainable jobs for workers instead.
  • If approved, the Teck mine will emit 6 megatonnes of carbon emissions per year and make it near impossible to meet our climate targets. It will also violate Indigenous land use, cultural and resource rights.
  • Two thirds of voters voted for increased climate action, and we’re looking to this government for climate leadership. Please let the minister know.

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