Minister Guilbeault: Hit the brakes on the Bay du Nord project and invest in sustainable jobs instead

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A massive new oil-drilling proposal that would extract up to 1 billion barrels of oil is sitting on the Environment Minister’s desk.1,2

The Bay du Nord project — an offshore drilling project in Newfoundland — is a carbon bomb. It would push us further away from our climate targets, pollute critical habitats, and put rich marine biodiversity at risk.3,4

The Environment Minister needs to make a decision by March 6 and cabinet ministers are divided.6 A massive public outcry right now could tip the scales in our favour and force Minister Guilbeault to hit the brakes on this climate-wrecking project. But we only have a few days before he needs to make a decision, so we need to be loud — and fast.

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Reject the proposal for the Bay du Nord project. Invest in sustainable jobs and a just transition away from fossil fuels instead.

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