Vancouver City Council: Sue Big Oil

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URGENT: Vancouver City Council will vote today, Tuesday July 18th, on a campaign to sue Big Oil. [1]

I’ll get straight to the point. Big Oil is profiting off the destruction of our planet, while millions of people face uncertainty in the face of changing climate. [2]

Climate impacts like rising sea levels and heat waves have a huge price attached to them. And here in British Columbia, the climate crisis is on our doorstep. Those who are responsible for the crisis should be held accountable when the receipt comes.

Vancouver City Council has been recognized internationally for their actions to tackle climate change. [3] If they make the ground-breaking decisions to sue Big Oil, it could convince other cities around the world to do the same — and it could finally force Big Oil to pay for the damage they’ve caused.

We only have a few hours to get the word out. If thousands of us speak up now, we could show City Council that they have support to take on the oil and gas companies responsible for wrecking our climate.

Will you send a message to Vancouver City Council and Mayor Stewart in support of the motion to sue Big Oil? We’ve drafted a template message, and you can send it to council with a couple of clicks using our simple tool.
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