Tell Ford: Hands off our democracy.

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Update: This could go to a vote as early as next week. Sign the petition now calling on Ford not to ban cities from using ranked ballot voting.

Buried deep in a COVID-19 recovery bill, Ford has concealed a piece of legislation banning local governments from using more democratic voting systems. 1 2

Ford is meddling with our local governments in the middle of a pandemic to undermine democracy and to make it easier for him to control cities across the province. It's a blatant power grab. But the bill hasn’t passed yet.

So here’s where you come in. Ford tried to use the pandemic as an excuse to reinvent himself to the public and he knows his meddling won't be popular — that's why he's trying to sneak it through in a COVID-19 recovery bill. 3 But if we can blow this up right now, we can expose that Ford's mask is slipping and beneath it all he's still the same old shady, power-hungry,  and undemocratic Doug as before.

Together, we could create enough of a headache to convince MPPs there’s no way they can back this bill and survive the blowback. Sign the petition demanding Ford takes his hands off our democracy.

Premier Doug Ford:

Meddling with municipal elections during a pandemic is undemocratic. Cancel your plan to ban ranked ballot voting.

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