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Right now, the government is asking for public input on the changes Canada needs to make to tackle the climate emergency.1  This is our chance to call for a Just Transition — an immediate halt on all fossil fuel expansion and massive investments in secure jobs that are also good for our climate – in big numbers.

But Canada's largest oil lobby, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), is flooding the government consultation, to block meaningful action on climate change and give fossil fuel executives a say in our future.

Send a message now to drown out the fossil fuel lobbyists, and push the government to implement a bold and just economic transition plan.

Here are some talking points:
  • Add your personal story of what a Just Transition would mean to you!
  • A just transition must invest in a climate-safe economic transformation at a minimum of 2% of GDP per year
  • A just transition must empower and resource local and Indigenous communities to lead their transitions and have actual decision-making power
  • A just transition must fund training and low-carbon job creation to prepare workers, including those who work in oil and gas, for a new and more inclusive economy
  • The Canadian government can immediately make progress towards a just transition by ending fossil fuel subsidies.
  • A Just Transition provides an opportunity to build a future full of possibilities. We know what the solutions are to tackle the climate crisis and inequality side by side, we just need leaders to make it happen.

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There's a template below to help you get started - but personal stories make a big difference, so personalize the message to talk about why taking bold climate action and kickstarting a just transition is important to you.

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